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i Quiz Challenge

  • 1. Which Muslim Scientist is regarded as the 'Greatest Pioneer of Optics'?
  • 2. Which famous Muslim Engineer designed the ‘Elephant Water Clock’?
  • 3. Who was the first man to make a scientific attempt at flying?
  • 4. Which Muslim Mathematician wrote the monumental book Al-Jabr Wa’l Mukabala?
  • 5. Muslims first landed in Spain in
  • 6. Which Muslim Physicist, Philosopher, Mathematician, Musician and Astronomer had been described as one of the 'Twelve giant minds of history'?
  • 7. Can you name the Muslim Scientist who traveled more than 75,000 miles?
  • 8. Who is known as the 'Father of Pediatrics'?
  • 9. In which of these fields did Nasr ad-Din at-Tusi primarily excel (13th century)?
  • 10. Al-Farghani, al-Battani and Ibn Yunus were most famous for their work in
  • 11.