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1. What is iQuiz 2015?

iQuiz 2015 is a National Level Quiz Competition conducted in association with UNESCO’s 2015 International Year of Light Celebrations.

2. Who is conducting iQuiz 2015?

iQuiz 2015 is being conducted in association with UNESCO as a part of 2015 International Year of Light celebrations. The quiz is being organized in India by a group of 3 organizations namely MESCO, ILM Foundation and MS Education Academy.

3. What is International Year of Light (IYL)?

The year 2015 has been declared as the International Year of Light by UNESCO. The objective of IYL 2015 is to promote the Science of light and light-based technologies across the world, particularly amongst Students, Educational Institutions, Scientific Societies, and Non-profit organizations etc.

All through this year, about 85 countries across the world will organize events showcasing their support to UNESCO’s IYL.

4. When is iQuiz 2015 going to be held?

iQuiz 2015 will be held starting August 2015 to January 2016

5. What is the format of iQuiz 2015?

iQuiz 2015 will be held in 7 Stages. The first 4 stages will be written. Stages 5, 6 & 7 will be conducted on TV for boys. For girls, these stages will be a combination of written test, projects and stage quizzes. For detailed format of the quiz, visit this link.

6. Where is iQuiz 2015 going to be held?

iQuiz 2015 will be held in more than 50 cities across India. The list of cities can be found on our website www.ibnalhaytham.in

For schools enrolling 50 students or more, Stage-1 of the Quiz will be held in the School itself. Stage-2 (Inter School) will be held in the same city where your school is located. The rest of the stages will be held at Capital Cities and the information about these venues will be communicated well in advance.

7. Can Schools from outside the select 64 Cities apply for iQuiz 2015?

Yes. Schools from cities other than those mentioned on our Website are also allowed to participate. However, the School has to take responsibility of sending its Students to the nearest test centers/Capital Cities

8. What is the Syllabus/Content Scope for iQuiz 2015?

iQuiz 2015 will be conducted on the theme of ‘Golden Age of Science with focus on Contributions of Ibn Al-haytham’. The quiz will primarily cover questions about the Scientific Inventions and Research Studies that have taken place during the Medieval Century i.e. 7th Century to 16th Century.

Also, since the main theme for UNESCO’s IYL is Light and Light-based technologies, the quiz will also cover questions about Ibn Al-haytham, a Medieval Century scientist who is considered to have laid the foundations for Optics.

9. What are the broad topics that will be asked in iQuiz 2015?

The questions for iQuiz 2015 will be based on inventions and innovations that have taken place between 7th & 16th Century in the field of Agriculture, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geography, Medicine, Science, etc.

10. What is the Registration process for iQuiz 2015?

There are two stages for Registration for iQuiz 2015. The first stage is going to be School-based i.e. interested schools will have to first register for the Quiz in the name of the School only. Concerned authorities from the school will have to visit ibnalhaytham.in/school-registration and fill out the details.

Stage 2 is individual registration . You can contact our local implementation partners to complete the registration process.

11. Is there any registration fees for Participants?

Yes, every participant will have to pay INR 150/- to get themselves registered for iQuiz 2015.

12. Will the students be given a Registration Number?

Yes. After due completion of registration process and payment of fees, every participant will be given a unique ID. Participants must preserve this UID till the completion of the Quiz for the purpose of appearing in further rounds, if qualified and for receiving the Participation Certificates.

13. How can Students prepare for the Quiz? Will they receive any Study Material?

Yes. The students will be provided with a Participant Booklet containing information about the topics for iQuiz 2015. Along with it, the booklet will also have website links, reference books and other list of resources from which students can access more information and prepare accordingly.

14. What will be the format of Question Paper?

Until Stage 4, the quiz will be conducted in a written format. At every stage, Participants will be given a question paper comprising 100 Multiple Choice questions. The participants will get 2 hours of time to answer the Multiple Choice questions.

Stage 5 (Quarterfinals), Stage 6 (Semifinals) and Stage 7 (Final) will comprise other rounds (e.g. Research project, Live Stage Quiz etc) apart from the written quiz. Details about the format in these stages will be provided in the Participation Booklet.

15. What will be the format of Answer Sheet?

The participants will have to attempt the Quiz in an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition/Reading) sheet where they will shade the right option with a HB pencil provided.

16. Is there any Sample Question paper for reference?

Yes. There is a sample test that we’ve designed for the understanding of Participants. You can visit our event website www.ibnalhaytham.in to take the mock test.

17. What are the Awards/Prizes for the Competition?

  • All Quarterfinal winners (16 boys & 16 girls) will receive prizes worth INR 5,000 each
  • All Semifinal winners (4 boys & 4 girls) will receive prizes worth INR 7,500 each
  • The winner of the final round will receive prizes worth INR 200,000, Ist runner will receive prizes worth INR 50,000, IInd Runner up – INR 20,000 and IIIrd runner up – INR 10,000

18. Will Participants receive any Acknowledgement?

Yes. Every participant will be given a Participation Certificate acknowledged by UNESCO.

19. Will the Schools receive any Acknowledgement?

Yes. Every School that sends at least 30 participants or more will be gifted with a ‘Proud Partner of IYL 2015’ souvenir with UNESCO logo.

In addition to this, we’d like for the schools to appoint at least one Coordinator who will be coordinating with the team of iQuiz 2015 & will also guide the students throughout the Quiz. At the end of the event, we will also be felicitating select School coordinators who have provided immense support to students and the Organizers of iQuiz 2015.

Last but not the least; we will also be felicitating the School principals of those schools whose students have reached the Grand Finale Stage.

20. Can a Student apply individually if his/her school is not interested?

Currently, the registration process is strictly School-based as this will help us organize the logistics easily.

However, the purpose of the event is primarily to encourage students to seek more knowledge about the various Scientific innovations that mankind has made since its existence and in the process inspire them to be more dedicated towards Science and its associated subjects.

For this reason, we are willing to encourage individual participation provided that the student will take full responsibility for his/her registration and appearance for examination at the allotted centers.