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The modern day science that we know, study and apply today is a tapestry woven gracefully yet meticulously by scientists, philosophers & thinkers of the ancient, medieval & early modern times who not only had a deep quench for knowledge but also the intellect & astute eye for understanding the universe around them and how it was designed. They passed on their wisdom to future generations in the form of theories & discoveries which were not absolute by nature but rather expansive & transformative.

The foundations of scientific knowledge were laid in the ancient times by different civilizations including the Mesopotamian, ancient Greek, ancient Egypt, Persian, Chinese, Indian, ancient Rome etc. However, with the fall of the Roman Empire in the 6th Century, this pursuit of knowledge took a hit until it revived its vigor beginning from the 7th century, an event that occurred in tandem with growth of Islamic civilization & the significance that the Muslims of those times attached to science & its related fields.

Science in medieval period was distinct and characterized by great technological vitality. The distinctiveness of this period in the history & progression of science was the seamless integration of science, philosophy & theology into a magnificent whole. In fact, the best example of this attitude is found in the medieval study of optics. This age was characterized by an aura of inquisitiveness & curiosity of the unknown and the subsequent unrevealing of it not to overpower the nature & its creator but to harmonize with it.


Having laid out the energy & motivation behind the scientific progression during the medieval times, the organizers of i Quiz 2015 intend to make use of this opportunity available through International Year of Light platform to call upon the youth of today to pursue science not merely as a theoretical subject or as an applied subject to make breakthrough discoveries that more often than not fail to place humanity at its core; but instead encourage the students to pursue science with a purpose to connect with nature & its design and contemplate on ways to bring about more collaboration amongst human race.

We intend to fulfill our purpose by focusing the event on Contributions of scientists, mathematicians, philosophers & thinkers of the medieval period with emphasis on contributions made in the field of Light, Optics & other light-based technologies.

Taking inspiration from one of the themes at the 2015’s International Year of Light viz. highlighting the contributions of Ibn al-Haytham’s contributions to light & optics, i Quiz 2015 will also focus its format around the works of this pioneer & co-scientists of his time.


i Quiz 2015 is a National level Quiz competition aimed to promote awareness among the student population about the scientific discoveries made during the 7th to 16th century period, with emphasis on light based discoveries and its impact on different fields of science viz. agriculture, astronomy, mathematics, optics, education, medicine etc.


* To encourage students to have increased awareness about contributions made to the world of Science, Art & Culture by civilizations previously unrecognized

* Encourage young people to increase their engagement with, and seek careers in, science, technology, engineering and mathematics

* To inspire the youth to make positive contribution to the society and in community development by channeling their energies in productive ways

* To revive the works of great scientific thinkers like Ibn Al-haytham and other Muslim & Non-Muslim scientists and thereby demonstrate that the modern world is the product of the complementary nature of many civilizations


The competition will be open for School children aged 13-16 years studying in any recognized Government/Private school in India.

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